Why Silk Art

Why Silk Art - The Emperor's Art.                                                                                   


Silk Art is the art of painting with a needle and thread. The stitching is done by hand using silk thread on silk fabric. Silk Art is highly prized in China, recognized as the art of Emperors. 


In the west, we learn about Van Gogh and the other great western art masters growing up, as part of our cultural heritage. Chinese children learn about Silk ArtSilk Art’s ancient traditions come from the royal embroiderers, families placed in Suzhou, China over two thousand years ago by the first Chinese Emperor to embroider his robes. The artwork produced by these families all belonged to the Emperor, hence the art of King's, and our name King Silk Art.


The techniques and skills necessary to create Silk Art, are passed from generation to generation, and require years of training to master the techniques. While embroidery is ubiquitious through the world, high quality Silk Art is rare. Only a tiny handful of people can produce Silk Art that touches your heart and soul.


The real reason, however, to possess Silk Art, is its beauty. The gentle kiss of love, the warmth of a summer afternoon, the wind on your face, the water flowing by, the delicate touch of the feathers fluttering, the majestic animal become poetry in the Silk Art form.


There is a sense of life you can taste with your eyes, a sense of spirit captured as no other media can. This exquisite artwork will remain pristine for your family to appreciate for generations. Please explore our galleries and join the international family of Silk Art collectors.


Silk Art already very popular in world and we have tens of thousands of collectors love Silk Art 







Customer letters and good comments 

I received my silk art yesterday and it's in great condition and looks beautiful on my wall! I got great customer service from when I initially contacted King Silk Art and am pleased with the value of the item.