Silk Art is the perfect medium to recreate many fine artworks.  Due to the high resolution, three dimensional nature of finely stitched Silk Art.Silk Art is able to capture certain aesthetic aspects of original oil paintings, impossible in any print.   Our solid silk thread is a stunning medium to recreate the distinctive brush strokes used by Van Gogh, and our silken metallic thread hauntingly echoes the shimmer of Klimt’s gold leaf originals. 

Please enjoy some of our favorite reproductions.  If you would like to discuss having us recreate one of your favorites, please contact us directly.

Chinese Contemporary Art

Chinese Contemporary Art is enormously popular in China.  There is a relatively new movement among Chinese contemporary artists to combine the realism of Western artistic techniques with the classical style and themes of traditional Chinese painting. Silk Art recreations of famous works are big sellers in China and have been gaining attention world-wide.