King Silk Art Landscape Golden Path 77048

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Framed Size: 36x70 inch, smaller sizes available
  • Learn how to make your own exquisite works of Susho! 
  • King Silk Art’s charming embroidery pattern is hand painted (hand sketched) directly on a small silk handkerchief, the perfect project to start learning our craft. 
  • This kit contains 8-12 silk thread, a design hand painted (hand sketched) on a silk handkerchief about 10”x10” (25x25cm), 5 stitching needles.
  • Susho, silk embroidery artwork from Suzhou, represents the highest standard of Chinese embroidery. This style of artwork was exclusive to Chinese royalty for centuries.
  • Creating Susho is a time-consuming process; it is completely handmade with tiny needles and naturally dyed, pure silk. No machines, paint, or glue are used in Susho.
  • Susho artists split silk threads to vary thickness and use up to 40 different stitches and over a 1,000 different colors of silk thread to create detail, texture and depth.
  • As Susho is hand-stitched, each work is unique. There may be slight variations from the online image.
  • A unique gift for all occasions.


    This is not a painting! This is not tapestry! King Silk Art creates 100% hand-stitched silk embroidery artwork. A talented silk embroidery artist spent nearly a year stitching this gorgeous wall art. This embroidery is a completely natural form of art. No glues, paint or machinery, just silk, vegetable dyes and a needle.This unique style of silk embroidery artwork was created in Suzhou, China nearly 2200 year ago to meet the needs of the royal families. Compared to prints and paintings, silk artwork has a nearly 3D look. And silk artwork is more valuable, as it is handmade, each piece is one of a kind. 


      Suzhou Silk Art Creation Process 

    Forest's 21st Century Silk Road

    New directions in some of our most recent designs have expanded the boundaries of this traditional Chinese folk art. Beyond the familiar subjects of animals and flowers, with this design we have discovered our ancient art can adapt to new trends and modern tastes. Created in over ten layers, the craftsmanship of the Silk Art will surely resonate with those who love a modern look and want to collect an ancient art . . . that's new and different.