Fish to Silk Art

My favorite fish photos to Silk Art

King Silk Art creates 100% hand-stitched silk embroidery artwork. A talented artist spent months sometimes years hand stitching this gorgeous silk art. This hand embroidery is a completely natural form of art. No glues, paint or machinery, just silk, vegetable dyes and a needle. This unique style of hand embroidery artwork was created in Suzhou, China nearly 2200 year ago to meet the needs of the royal families. Compared to prints and paintings, silk artwork has a nearly 3D look and very high value. It is a real one-of-a-kind artwork.    



 Master Artist Joey working on Fish   Master Six Koi and Flowers

 Master Artist Wen Juan working on 999 fish

Click here to see the stitching video


 Master Artist Joey working 12 Koy

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Look ! The fishes’ eyes, fins, tails are so real!


 1/16 single strand, 12 layers, 3 months work 


Look ! The fishes’ eyes, scales, tails are almost alive!  


 Single strand on tails, 14 layers, 3.5 months work 



A big wow! The gold fish’s bubble eyes! 


Unbelievable fish tails! 6--17 layers, 3.5 months work 


Please click on the videos to see the silk art Hand stitching process and customer comments        

The Hand Stitching Process   Customer Comments and Our Story


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