King Silk Art Wildlife Nine Koi 72126

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Framed Size: 32x44 inch. This koi has a white body with red spots. It symbolizes success in your career. The gold in coloring and symbolizes riches and wealth. The silver colored koi represents success in business and wealth.

Does the art have credibility and long term value? The right piece, we believe it will. Keep in mind this art form has been around for thousands of years and top end pieces sell in the hundred of thousands of dollars. See some of our grand masters. BUT it is with hesitation I would accept any claim of long term value for any art. The only way to truly see if art has investment value is when it is resold. Find art because you love it, not because you expect it to be worth thousands of dollars in years to come. One of the big reasons we believe Silk Art will increase in value is simply what is happening to the art. The way you get a 3000 year history to the art is when you are born you have no choice. In today’s China people have lots of choices. A major concern is, as China industrializes, the hand arts, especially one where you spend hour after hour after hour stitching, will disappear.