King Silk Art Landscape Tree 77200

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Framed Size: 24x42 inch, larger size 36x65 inch available. The chi energy around your home is greatly increased by the presence of large trees. Life itself is a form of chi, and a tree invites a massive amount of life—birds, insects, squirrels, and v

2. Strand Size – The thinner the silk, the finer the art The thickness of the silk thread is an important aspect of each work of Silk Art. One silk thread can be divided into 16 individual strands, the smallest, finer than a human hair. A good rule-of-thumb is the thinner the silk, the finer the quality of the silk embroidery. Overall, the affected of Silk Art is similar to Pointillism. Up close you can see each of the tiny stitches and marvel at the design and execution of such detailed work, but when you step back, you are enthralled by the beauty of the image created.