King Silk Art Landscape Cherry Tree 77091

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Framed Size: 32x44 inch, image size 20x32 inch. The plants, shrubs, trees and other elements in your landscape are a second skin around a structure generating beauty, protection and vibrant energy. How can you look at your Landscape Feng Shui to mak

Pure silk thread is used to make handmade Silk Art . Silk thread cannot be used in machines because it breaks too easily. King Silk Art uses silk thread that can be divided into 16 individual strands, impossible with a machine. The thinner the thread, the more detail and definition are possible, making higher quality and more valuable handmade Silk Art. Embroidery machines must use thicker thread, commonly polyester, rayon, or metallic. Artificial thread looks and feels artificial. Machines can not use divided thread, so the thickness of the thread used in machines is also completely uniform, flattening the final image.