King Silk Art Flower Lotus 76421

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Framed Size: 30x30 inch. The Lotus flower is native to Asia and can be found all over the continent, from India to China. The Lotus is connected to Buddha in Vietnam. Buddhism looks at the teachings of Buddha and is practiced all over the country.

1. Artistic Talent – The individual skills and development Professional Silk Art artists go through a lengthy learning process to develop theirskills and talent. The very first lessons begin on grandma’s knee. For Silk Art families, teaching our children about the family legacy is a centuries old tradition.For those with talent and an interest, formal training starts in their late teens. Artists must spend ten years as a student and another eight years as a teacher in order to meet the time requirement to be a Master Silk Artist. After five years as a Master Silk Artist, an artist may apply to become a Grand Master Silk Artist. These are general guidelines. Time alone does not necessarily make you a Master or Grand Master. Talent and skill must be demonstrated as well.