King Silk Art Flower Lotus 76420

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Framed Size: 30x30 inch. The Lotus flower in Asia is also known to symbolize the people because it shows strength and rebirth. The Lotus flower has been written about in stories and songs throughout history.

Not surprisingly, a major difference between handmade Silk Art and machine made embroidery is in the stitching process. Handmade Silk Art allows for a variety of stitches in varying thicknesses of thread, every work is unique. Machine made embroidery is completely uniform; every piece is virtually identical to the next. Handmade Silk Art begins with stretching the fabric tightly over a wooden frame. The artists use a fine needle and colorful threads to sew each stitch by hand. Machine made embroidery is computer generated and fabricated. Pre-made patterns are input into the computer that controls the sewing machine to make the embroidery.