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How and where can you see this unique artwork in person? We are making it possible now! We will open hundreds, even thousands of new show rooms all over the world while so you can just walk in and take a look. We will also attend hundreds of different shows all around the world, surely near your neighborhood, so you can visit in person!

How to set up your own silk art gallery? If you are an art distributor or small business owner, please come and join our big Silk Art family! We would love to work as a team to develop distribution channels, open a showroom in your local community, and help Silk Art become as famous in your area as it is in the rest of the world.


Orange County, California

United States







King Silk Art Inc.
Forest:714 606 8186 (US)
Forest: 0475 925 336 (AU)
Daisy: 714 505 0732
14321 Franklin Ave. Unit B
Tustin, California, USA 92780