100% Hand-stitched Green Parrot 51011

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King Silk Art offers a "lay-a-way" payment service. Just send us a small deposit and??then our artists will start working for you to create a one-of-kind silk embroidery??artwork for you and your family! Call us now at 866-775-1118, send an email to??Forest at kingsilkart@gmail.com. or click here and send us your contact details and questions. We would like to help as soon as possible.

King Silk Art will provide a formal Certificate of Authenticity for each Master??Quality, Museum Quality and Grand Master Quality artwork purchased from us. The??certificate will prove value for insurance and is a guarantee of the art quality.??

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  • Susho, silk embroidery artwork from Suzhou, represents the highest standard of Chinese embroidery. This style of artwork was exclusive to Chinese royalty for centuries.
  • Creating Susho is a time-consuming process; it is completely handmade with tiny needles and naturally dyed, pure silk. No machines, paint, or glue are used in Susho.
  • Susho artists split silk threads to vary thickness and use up to 40 different stitches and over a 1,000 different colors of silk thread to create detail, texture and depth.
  • As Susho is hand-stitched, each work is unique. There may be slight variations from the online image.
  • 23"x23" with mat and frame. A unique gift for all occasions.