King Silk Art Nine Fish 72039

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Framed Size: 26x44 inch. Koi fish have a powerful and energetic life force and are able to swim against currents. This is why they are associated with; Good Fortune, Success, Courage and Determination.

High quality handmade Silk Art looks alive because each artist creates it with a personal touch. These artists are masters of their craft. A machine cannot make decisions or infuse passion into its work. In comparison, machine-made embroidery looks dull and lifeless. Each piece of handmade Silk Art is unique, even when using the same pattern; artists have the discretion to vary color and stitches. You will never find two completely identical pieces; every piece is one of a kind. Machine-made embroidery is just like a print, all the copies looks exactly the same, the color, the stitches, the final product are all exactly the same!