King Silk Art Flower Lotus Green Vertical 76113

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Framed Size: 26x35 inch. The Lotus flower is native to Asia and can be found all over the continent, from India to China. The Lotus is connected to Buddha in Vietnam. Buddhism looks at the teachings of Buddha and is practiced all over the country.

High quality handmade Silk Art looks alive because each artist creates it with a personal touch. These artists are masters of their craft. A machine cannot make decisions or infuse passion into its work. In comparison, machine-made embroidery looks dull and lifeless. Each piece of handmade Silk Art is unique, even when using the same pattern; artists have the discretion to vary color and stitches. You will never find two completely identical pieces; every piece is one of a kind. Machine-made embroidery is just like a print, all the copies looks exactly the same, the color, the stitches, the final product are all exactly the same!