King Silk Art Ice and Fire Horse 74103

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Framed Size: 26x35 inch. The Horse has become an assistant of humankind due to its tameness. It is in the battlefield that the Horse brings its talent into full play, because it’s very competitive but faithful to its master.

Silk Art is the art of painting with a needle and thread. The stitching is done by hand using silk thread on silk fabric. Silk Art is highly prized in China, recognized as the art of Emperors. In the west, we learn about Van Gogh and the other great western art masters growing up, as part of our cultural heritage. Chinese children learn about Silk Art. Silk Art’s ancient traditions come from the royal embroiderers, families placed in Suzhou, China over two thousand years ago by the first Chinese Emperor to embroider his robes. The artwork produced by these families all belonged to the Emperor, hence the art of King's, and our name King Silk Art.