King Silk Art Animal Lioness in the Grass 74072

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Framed Size: 26x31 inch

King Silk Art

Order Terms and Conditions

1. Price

Prices are determined by the artwork’s complexity, size, quality and delivery time. Our prices are solely based on labour and materials, no added sales commissions, no expensive gallery fees.

2. Delivery Time

It takes several months to create masterwork silk art. If we do not have a piece in stock, due to the later delivery, the price will be lower. Our artists can do overtime work for a quicker delivery, but the cost will be higher.

3. Deposit

For the standard sizes and designs, we require a 20% deposit to begin work. For custom sizes and designs, we require a 50% deposit to begin work.

4. Payment Terms

Monthly: After we receive a deposit, we will expect monthly payments until the price is paid in full. The payment schedule will be 12 months or less, interest free. The artwork will be delivered after the deposit is received.

Two payments: The first payment is the deposit; the second payment is due upon delivery.


King Silk Art will provide a formal Certificate of Authenticity for each Master Quality, Museum Quality and Grand Master Quality artwork purchased from us. The certificate will prove value for insurance and is a guarantee of the art quality. 

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King Silk Art creates 100% hand-stitched silk embroidery artwork. A talented silk embroidery artist spent nearly a year stitching this gorgeous wall art. This embroidery is a completely natural form of art. No glues, paint or machinery, just silk, vegetable dyes and a needle. This unique style of silk embroidery artwork was created in Suzhou, China nearly 2200 year ago to meet the needs of the royal families. Compared to prints and paintings, silk artwork has a nearly 3D look. And silk artwork is more valuable, as it is handmade, each piece is one of a kind. 



Suzhou Silk Art Creation Process  

Customer Comments and Our Story

 Our golden lioness, filled with amazing dimension and resolution also has a great deal of expression. Using just 1/16 of a single strand of silk thread and neat, tight parallel stitches, our master silk artists created such intricate detail you can see every hair on the lioness and every blade of grass. The textural background is a series of random stitches, built layer upon layer, to give the lioness a three-dimensional affect, making the image far more striking. In Chinese symbolism, lions represent unrelenting power and strength. All throughout China, you will find statues of lions as guardians in front of temples, city gates and even some private homes. These lion statues protect honor and reputations.



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    Good quality, overpriced

    Posted by Anatoly G on May 22nd 2017

    I like the quality. Embroidery detalization is not perfect but at least it looks very similar to what is shown on the website. What you see is what you get. The frame I ordered in local store improves appearance.

    What I really do not understand is the same price in "unique gift collections" category for all the works. There are works with much better detalization where almost all the canvas is covered with stiches, not like here, but the price is the same. As for me the product is overpriced.