King Silk Art Still Life Rust-colored Kimono 78014

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Framed Size: 26x31 inch

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Our vivid black Dragon Robe has an amazing amount of detail and definition. The dark black background frames the details of the golden dragons, perfectly. In Chinese culture, dragons are an extremely important symbol, represented extensively in art, poetry and literature. Symbolically, the dragon represents the emperor's role in mediating between heaven and earth. From the first century B.C., embroidered dragons were popular symbols on the luxurious robes of the emperors and high-ranking members of his court. The emperor, his sons and specially designated high-ranking courtiers were the only people allowed to wear emblems with five-clawed dragons, it was a crime for anyone else to wear those specific dragon designs. This Dragon Robe came from the last Chinese dynasty, the Chin Dynasty. The style of this garment has the name Dragon Robe, but not all Dragon Robes have a dragon design. Dragon Robes are ankle-length, long sleeved and have a rounded opening for the neck, with a left side panel that fastens at the right. The narrower design of the sleeves was specifically for horseback riding. Later on the style evolved to wider sleeves, as the ruling class no longer engaged in battle themselves.