King Silk Art Flower Floral Transparent Magnolias 76047

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Framed Size: 26x31 inch

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The astonishing talents of our silk artists are evident in this magnolia portrait. The pink blossoms are full of color and dimension, and the transparent flowers are truly spectacular. Intricately stitched and extraordinarily detailed, the flowers have an elegant grace that would adorn any space. Magnolia trees are native to both China and North America. Magnolias have large, fragrant, showy flowers and glossy deep green leaves. Magnolias blossom in the early spring. These blossoms are symbolic of purity and strength of character. It is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and magnolias get the credit for ending harsh winters. The early spring messenger looks especially vivid in fine silk.

 Suzhou Silk Art Creation Process  

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