King Silk Art Wildlife Fish Nine Emperor's Red Koi Fish 82013

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Framed size 26x35 inch, image size 16x24 inch. According to legend, fish have wings, they want to go to the sky, the outside world, which is a place to symbolize dreams, freedom, love, etc. I am the fish, watching this world quietly.

Not surprisingly, a major difference between handmade Silk Art and machine made embroidery is in the stitching process. Handmade Silk Art allows for a variety of stitches in varying thicknesses of thread, every work is unique. Machine made embroidery is completely uniform; every piece is virtually identical to the next. Handmade Silk Art begins with stretching the fabric tightly over a wooden frame. The artists use a fine needle and colorful threads to sew each stitch by hand. Machine made embroidery is computer generated and fabricated. Pre-made patterns are input into the computer that controls the sewing machine to make the embroidery.