King Silk Art People Lady Peony Playing The Flute 75014

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Framed Size: 30x43 inch. Flying in the sky is the god of the sky. The image of the flying sky comes from the ancient Indian mythology. It is the god of the ancient Indian mythology, Gan Dapo and Tinnaro.

Backgrounds are different One very easy way to spot the difference between a handmade Silk Art and machine-made embroidery is to look at the back of the canvas. The back of handmade Silk Art is irregular and loose. You can see and feel the knots. Each piece of thread is no more than two feet long and so there are knots when a new piece is started or when the artist changes colors. The stitching at the back of machine-made embroidery is very tight and neat, every stitch is perfectly identical to the next. There are no knots on back of machine-made embroidery, because they don’t need to change thread. Machine thread is very long; each spool is a few miles long.