King Silk Art People Lady Lounging on her Throne 75095

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Framed Size: 30x43 inch. Dunhuang Feitian is presented in the form of murals. Its image, style, costumes and styling occupy an important position in Dunhuang art. Dunhuang Feitian's costumes have a certain secularization.

The Silk Art process begins with tightly stretching a canvas over a wooden frame. The design is then roughly outlined, directly on the canvas. At that point, the artist begins stitching the most intricate parts of the pattern with tiny needles and colorful silk threads, bringing the image to life. Each strand of silk fiber can be divided in up to 16 individual threads. 1/16 of a strand of silk thread is finer than a human hair. The thinner the thread, the finer the art work. The artist then builds layers of threads of varying colors and thicknesses to create dimension, shadows, and highlights. A small piece of Silk Art takes one artist a few days to complete, a masterpiece may take several artists a few years to bring to the final stage. This array of techniques and materials come together to create unique and multi-faceted works of art.